William Carey Lester Jr. was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1948. Lester was raised in Jackson, and lived on his Great Grandfather's plantation Capitola, at Estille MS.
     Lester attended Ole Miss in the 60's and graduated with MFA in sculpture. He also published three children's books in the 70's in which he hand-printed all illustrations in the limited edition copies. Lester has been teaching art at Delta State University and living at Dockery Plantation for almost thirty years.
     He was introduced to the outdoors by his uncles, on his Great grandfathers plantation, and has been an avid duck, dove and turkey hunter ever since. Lester, who specializes in sculpture, painting, mixed media collage and hand-colored linoleum block prints, has been making his own calls and decoys for almost thirty years.
     Lester currently resides at Dockery with is wife and daughter in a home they built themselves.

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